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Скажите, где можно взять хороший европейский хостинг в аренду?
Михаил Якимов
Я себе уже давно для бизнеса арендую хостинг. В первую очередь хочу сказать, что брать стоит однозначно только зарубежный хостинг с русской поддержкой Потому что только такой хостинг гарантирует вам бесперебойный доступ к сайту и круглосуточную поддержку, я именно таким и пользуюсь.
A server administratorServer Administrator is responsible for the computer servers of an organization. This individual ensures on a daily basis that they are running efficiently by performing upgrading and maintenance tasks on hardware and software, resolving technical problems, overseeing their activity levels, ensuring server security, and developing new system structures when necessary.
As trained IT network professionals, Velocloud SD-WAN Engineers play a wide range of significant roles in meeting the needs of enterprise-level businesses. From sales to design to implementation to support, network engineers with Velocloud-specific expertise as essential for businesses that want to implement a software abstraction to their wide area network

Velocloud SD-WAN is a software-defined wide area network solution that allows businesses to streamline and simplify their network with centralized control. This allows for a range of benefits, cutting the costs of using hardware alternatives and optimizing application performance across the network. However, to do any of this, these businesses need the help of a Velocloud SD-WAN Engineer.
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