Sal's Realm Clan Citadel. Welcome to our clan citadel! This topic includes information about our existing resource stock and goals and our present and previous construction projects. The weekly poll provides you, as members of this community, an opportunity to vote on what RS gold the citadel should look like! Feel free to post comments, suggestions, and, of course, images of your clanmates' antics in those private meeting rooms. Do not forget to post a screenshot of your weekly resource contributions here. Build tick: 10 AM GMT Tuesday.

As you may or may not know, it is possible to actually change what day the build tick occurs on (instead of Tuesdays). I had been thinking, if we want to alter the construct tick at any time, right after tier 7 could be a fantastic time to do so. Here is what I am thinking: A weekend construct tick may be fine for people, so individuals who cap in the last moment have a Friday/Saturday to take action (generally less busy with work/school), and also those who like to cover first thing have a similiar opening. To move the spotlight, this is exactly what it might entail:

When you proceed, you cover a weeks worth of upkeep, but no updates are constructed. Next time that day (the one that you're moving the spotlight ) comes around after a week, the tick will restart like normal, with the brand new day. Since this is a sizable decision that affects everyone, everyone should have thier state in it. I set up a series of survey questions to observe the overall feeling of it, and from there devise a plan of action together with the staff/community/people. Clan Resources. Week 9,001 Essential Resource Targets: 4,955 timbe, 3,510 stone, 10,562 bars,5, 610 precious pubs, 4,610 fabric, 1,245 Rations.

Which are these resources for? Upkeep, like normal, for our stuff. Tier 7!!! Tier 7 this week, no problem. Recent Upgrades. Not last week - all sources going to upkeep and tier 7. Cosmetic Additions, Now that we pretty much have grade 7, we could start to work on those again. Presently, we are working on 3 different goals all at once. I have a system to put up decorative up items as we complete the goals so the resources always need something to drop into. We're focusing on a grand market, which can be pricey, but should look great (it'll be up in the North-West from the mine and kiln). Ultimately, we're also working on updating the chairs from the party Old school rs gold room as a cloth escape item. I do all ready know that skillcapes and attaining a 99 in a skill is not as hard as it used to be'back in the day'. Before you start to rant on about how there a waist of time I want you guys to hear me out with this one.