The study 168gate found that Running a marathon in addition to getting better health Also helps to prolong life as well A study of 138 marathon participants measured their blood pressure twice, 6 months before and 3 weeks after the run.
In the first measurement, all participants ran for only 2 hours per week. And have never run a marathon before Their first marathon, and their training, helped to lower blood pressure. As a result, it slows the life of the arteries for up to 4 years and results in better heart health.

The researchers believe that the elderly with high blood pressure and hardened arteries. Will respond better to blood vessels and heart through exercise

The researchers also detailed that This study focuses on behavior modification and anti-aging process. And it's never too late to take the initiative and see yourself with exercise like running. Even if they are old or run slower than others

Dr. Charlotte Manisty, from Bath Health Center and University College London Commented that “Studies on this subject show that In just 6 months of exercise Can really see the positive effects that happen to the health of blood vessels "

But it's not just a marathon. If you think running is too hard for your age or health now You can find alternative exercise because exercise is reputed to have a positive effect on your health. Whether it is more or less