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Home > Family > Family BusinessBlend of Ethnicity and Metropolitan in the streets of Mumbai
Posted by arun in Home on June 18th Eli Apple Jersey , 2014

The commercial capital of Country Mumbai is the Dream land and capital of the state Maharashtra. Mumbai is a home to Bollywood the largest film industry in the world. Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the fascinating city and a complex mixture of traditional and modern lives. Mumbai experiences a blend of languages, food, arts Wayne Gallman Jersey , culture, traditions, festivals and celebration. All this together makes a Mumbai an Elusive living. Since it’s the metropolitan city the caste of color Davis Webb Jersey , creed and community takes a back seat with less importance. All the festivals are celebrated with great lavishness and fun loving attitude of people breaks all boundaries. Especially the Ganesha festival that brings lights to all the streets of Mumbai and People celebrate with great passion. Even though the home tongue of Mumbai is Marathi many other languages are preferred and used in more like Hindi, Urdu and English. As it’s a metro city it really melts with classic restaurants and Cuisines, but Mumbai once again proves that they fun loving people as they are very passionate about their local cuisines. City is Famous for Chats and Sweets that can be enjoyed even in midnight in the streets of Mumbai. Together with Mumbai you see one more city developing in the same path with mixture of Colors and that is Rajdhani Delhi. And the best path to communicate between these two cities is by convenient Flights from Delhi to Mumbai.

Yes as both the cities are well connected all the commercial aspects you find more interaction between these two cities that might be from business point of view or for Vacational trips. The best choices you can make to travel between these cities are by taking Flight Tickets from Delhi to Mumbai.

Mumbai and Delhi both the cities are economical rich cities and main tourist hub that as a blend of cosmopolitan flavor as well as one side of coin that looks traditional living. Mumbai Education is well advanced that starts from Schooling to your higher studies it as open platforms to exhibit your talent and even IT capitals are blooming and most travelling option comes for this Business holders that made their life busy in meetings conferences Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , workshop and launching products. So it is really habituated to the people to travel twice in a week or fifteen days once as per appointments. So the best option which will make their journey smooth by eliminating hurdle is by Flights from Delhi to Mumbai. As Business people will be aware of their schedules for next fifteen days in prior they can book a flight Tickets from Delhi to Mumbai that makes their journey the best.

Who said you cannot mix business with pleasure? Especially when you are in Mumbai? I must confess that Mumbai is a city that encourages you to be serious about whatever it is that you are doing whether business or pleasure. Whatever the case may be, you?ll have no one but yourself to blame if you visit Mumbai for business and end up leaving without having a feel of its sights and sounds. The last time I visited Mumbai, I worked hard to make my business goals a reality and then worked equally hard to enjoy the few moments that I had to enjoy the city. It is not hard to get international flights to Mumbai and while you are there Evan Engram Jersey , you need to know how to can mix business with pleasure.
A- Go fishing: Let me assure you that fishing for business partners is not the only form of fishing that is available to you in Mumbai. After enjoying cheap flights to Mumbai the Powai Lake offers you a very nice opportunity to catch ?real? fish. It is open twenty four hours a day with attendants to serve you. Additionally, you have the assurance of the Maharashtra State Angling Association?s assurance of safety as you scope for live fishes.
B- Play Cricket: The grounds at Azad Maidan which is located opposite the CST station is one of the best places to meet cricket enthusiasts and enjoy some cricket. There doesn?t seem to be an age barrier here so you can be sure that you?ll get in alright.
C- Take an Official tour of Mumbai: This tour is put together by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and conducted by specially trained guides in an open deck bus. This is quite thrill, believe me. It?s like getting a walk through history Will Hernandez Jersey , physically. I thoroughly enjoyed my own tour.
D- Visit Mumbai?s Chinese Temple: You read that right! Mumbai does have a Chinese temple and it is located at Nawab Tank Road, Mazagaon. You can visit the temple and get to see the figure of General Kwan Tai Kon at the altar.
E- Visit the Amphitheatre: You will find the amphitheatre below the Bandra fort and chances are if you don?t visit at the times of the year when it is used, you?ll meet it empty. Never mind Eli Manning Jersey , if it is empty, you can take all the pictures you want without interruptions. If however you get there in season, you will witness the Prithvi Theatre Festival or the Jazz Ustav. These take place in November.
F- Enjoy the Mumbai Bird Race: You have to get ready to take a tour of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Lawrence Taylor Jersey , the Karnala bird sanctuary as well as the Tulsi and Vihar lake areas. The sport was started by Sunjoy Monga, a naturalist in 2005 and involves spotting and recording as many birds as you can within a day.
G- Taste the Anant Ashram Cuisine: If you love seafood or just want to taste it for fun, then you just have to visit Khotachiwadi and sample their prawn curry Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , teesrya and surmai fry.
If you are planning a business trip to Mumbai, extremely cheap last minute flights are available as well facilities for having a great time in the city.

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Porada nauczycielska Zuzanna Jastrzębska - bakałarz, doktorantka prof. Nieprzypadkowej im. Marii Grzegorzewskiej w Stolicy.
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